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If you have not yet figured it out, conjunction is a site that caters to writers and in particular, poets. This is not based on preference, but rather because most of our members write poetry and not fiction, short stories or other prose. Don't be discouraged if you prefer other genres and not poetry we'd like to up the percentage.

Censorship, Attitudes

We do not censor our writers. If you have a problem with uncomfortable topics or certain language usage, this might not be the most suitable venue for you. In this regard you should also be prepared that some comments made to your posts might not be agreeable to your own view of what is an acceptable way of approaching another writer's work. In such an event, we advise you to engage in civilized discourse, alternatively to ignore the comment made and instead focus on other comments more constructive to your cause.

We seek diversity of thought, not conformity. Writers are not a uniform group. Some are equipped with immense knowledge of literary theory; others find inspiration in commonplace things; still others seek it at the bottom of a wine glass. All are capable of offering a unique view of the world manifested in language whether as poem or as reaction, and we believe it would be a mistake to impose rigid rules as to how this meeting of views may be conducted.

The decent practice is to reply to the works of others as you would have others reply to your work. Take the time to read and to comment. That inspires others to take the time with you.

Hogging, Spamming, Community Disruption

To “hog” a board, i.e. multiple posts at the same time, or “bumping” up multiple old posts is a matter less of content and more of context. It can easily be avoided by using common sense. Few have the patience to take the time to read and comment on multiple posts by one and the same member, so if you post a lot with little time interval, you will probably not receive as many comments. It may be perceived that you take up an unfair amount of space among new posts. If you feel the urge to go on a spree, perhaps it would be best to contain your posts to one thread.

The same goes for excessive “bumping” of old posts, in particular, posts you have yourself submitted. This is a guide not a rule book, so just try to take into account how your actions may be perceived by other members. It’s understandable that some will make more sporadic visits and when doing so, wish to catch up on posts that might no longer be considered new. This is fine, it’s not all about what’s new, but primarily what evokes a response at any given time.

Spamming on the other hand, we have little tolerance with. To join our forum for the purpose of self-promotion be it a product or a site is not acceptable, and such messages will be deleted. However feel free to email us your links (please type  "link" in the subject line) at for consideration; we’ll be happy to add them to our official link page here. To supply links within your posts or comments that are not self-promotional is different, and they can be advantageous to dialogue. Example: a poem reminds you of Robert Frost’s “After Apple-Picking” and you would like to include the poem in your reply and also provide an online source. That is fine. Providing resources hold merit in a dialogue as opposed to spamming simply to promote oneself.

N.B. Community disruption by any one individual who creates an atmosphere which is untenable for the majority of members: Any such person will be asked to take a leave of absence— or if overwhelmingly disruptive with no other objective in mind, that person will be banned.


These are the current categories you will find in our forum with a brief guide on how to use them.

General – The general board is probably where you will be spending most of your time. It is here you post your poetry and prose for comments by other members. It is also the board where any conjunction announcements will be posted.

Metacriticism – If you have an interest in literary theory and discourse thereof, this is the board for you. Dazzle us with your knowledge of classic poetic forms, such as the sonnet or villanelle or take a stand for free verse. Make a case for your favorite writer/poet and let others agree or disagree with you. In addition, use this board if you want to post poems for lengthy comment, constructive criticism, discussion; all to help with re-drafts or as aids to publication.

Word Challenge – This forum is used only to host our monthly word challenge. At the beginning of each month a thread is started here, encouraging you to compose a poem using a fixed number of provided words. Toward the end of the month the challenge is closed and members rate the participating poems.

Review Desk – Let us know what you read, watch or listen to. This board is where you present reviews of the media (books, movies, music, et al) that you would like others to be made aware of. Write snappy short or winding long. Keep up-to-date on the world of poetry. Read exceptional poems by members of other forums as well as our own.

Visual Arts Room - In addition to their fine writing abilities, we have members who inspire awe with their artistic creations, exhibiting a wide array of forms, genres, media and styles. If you have works of art you created and would like to share, this is the place for you to display your original art.

Writers Workshop - This board will be used for work-shopping prose. Bring your short stories, half-finished novels or other types of fictional material for an interactive experience.

Member Help – Use this board if you have any questions about conjunction: our forum, your member status, etc. We will do our best to provide you with answers and information to solve any problem you might be experiencing.

Chalk Board – This board is for testing purposes, i.e. if you want to figure out how posting works, how to format, etc. These posts will be deleted. Important: Members have an allowance of 10 minutes to edit their current topic on any board. Optionally, if you shout out to a Moderator who has unlimited time, your post can be deleted. These restrictions regarding editing have been put in place by our Host server Webs.


As pointed out before, this is not so much a rule book as it is a Guide.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and Welcome to